Free personal digital certificates

We at Albalia are working in electronic signature environments since the creation of the company. Most of our staff has been working for several Certification Authorities since 1995 (and in the subjet of public key cryptography sinde 1992).

Now we are better known by our BackTrust electronic signature suite of solutions, (specially zBackTrust, the only IBM certified solution for electronic signature under OASIS DSS and ETSI XAdES/PAdES standards in  zSeries Mainframe computers, and featured in the recent announcement of IBM zEnterprise System).

This has led us to be also well known in electronic invoice markets and in eGovernment environments.

Since 2005 we offered a free electronic certificate service (that was even linked from spanish version of Wikipedia for «Autoridad de Certificación») but the information was only in spanish.

Now we have published our english version that is available at:

These free electronic certificates  are useful for testing purposes, both for windows and java environments. If you are going to use them in a windows workstation, check the box «include root». To be used in a Java environment leave the box blank.

Also download the root certificate in the following screen to install it and grant your trust to the Certification Authority hierarchy, and this way to allow certificates issued by that CA to be trusted in your system.

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