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Power of Attorney – Legal Representative Qualified Certificate

In order for the legal representative certificates to be interoperable at European level, in the framework of EIDAS (Regulation UE 910/2014), it is proposed that the following information be included in the Common Name field:


With this meaning:

  • PoA (Power of Attorney)
  • P (Principal, Grantor, Donor)
  • A (Attorney-in-fact)
  • XXXX identification of the grantor (Principal) according to the ETSI EN319412 standard
  • YYYY identification of the Representative according to ETSI EN319412 standard

The information of the Grantor (legal person or natural person) would be the main one of the certificate and that of the Legal Representative (or Proxy or Agent) could appear in Subject Alternative Name

Using a short identifier at the begining including first the represented person and then the representative person, makes it easier for people who act with several representations to easily distinguish the certificate to be used when a list is shown to choose among several certificates. Especially if only the first characters are shown in the list.

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