EPREL Suppliers Verification Guide

The information needed to register a company in the EPREL database and to manage the energy label is summarised in the document «Suppliers-Verification-Guide».

In recent months, several versions of this document have been generated and the links to the different versions that were included in many articles on the EPREL topic no longer work.

The history of changes is as follows:

1.020 December 2021First document version published in December 2021.
1.0112 January 2022Sections «Electronic sealing» and «Verify the organisation» have been updated with emphasis on the “qualified” requirement for seals provided by “qualified” trust service providers.
1.0213 January 2022Section «Important notes before sealing the verification file» updated with a correction for Northern Ireland accepted country codes.
1.037 February 2022Sections ”Create your organization”, Electronic Sealing” and “Verifying the organisation” have been updated with the new electronic verification requirements and accepted formats for qualified electronic seals. 
1.0422 February 2022References to the EUID and to ETSI standard improved and Annex 3 added.
1.056 April 2022Annex 2, “FAQs”. New FAQs added on “verification”.
1.0622 August 2022Emphasizing the fact that EPREL accepts only Qualified Electronic Seals.
1.0731 October 2022Improvements added to the Manage Organisation section

I have done some research to come up with the different versions and I include them below:

Versión 1.03 (february 2022) originally available at «https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/energy_climate_change_environment/suppliers_verification_guide_v1.03_0.pdf»

Versión 1.04 (february 2022) originally available at «https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/energy_climate_change_environment/suppliers_verification_guide_v1.04_0.pdf»

Versión 1.05 (april 2022) originally available at «https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/energy_climate_change_environment/suppliers_verification_guide_v1.05_0.pdf»

Versión 1.07 (october 2022) originally available at «https://commission.europa.eu/system/files/2022-11/Suppliers%20Verification%20Guide.pdf»

One of the required items for the Companies to register in the EPREL Platform is a Legal Person Qualified Certificate to generarte Qualified Seals (QSEALS), which can be buyed in EAD TRUST European Agency of Digtal Trust in the link: QSEAL

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