Voice signing over the phone as an #EIDAS advanced electronic signature

Telesales is the fastest way to perform contracts over the phone. Asking the customer to Fax, emai or send by postal mail the contract is the simplest way to lose sales.

EADTrust defines the framework for contract platforms to deal with voice signature, taking advantage of the definitions included in #eidas (Regulation UE 910/2014), so voice signature complies with article 26 and can be considered «advanced electronic signature».

This voice based advanced electronic signature lets companies get the deals signed right on the phone, this eliminates lost sales, and time spent chasing customers to send back signed contracts.

Certified platforms record the customer’s verbal authorization and embeds the audio right in the document, providing a compliant voice based electronic signature.

Voice Signing exceeds 50% improvement in deals closing rates for a fraction of the cost and time.

EADTrust performs voice signature platform providers audits to verify that certain principles are met:

  1. Proof of the consent of the signer regarding a document by his own voice and linking of the evidence with the document
  2. Resistance to pre-recorded voice simulations and voice synthesizers by possible supplanters.
  3. Probatory symmetry. Availability of the document for the signer immediately and of the means of proof at a cost similar to that which would have the proof on paper  of a handwritten signature.
  4. Durable medium. Persistence of the document so that the parties can prove the identity of the signatories and the content of the document at any future time.
  5. Possibility of verifying the vocal signature and the content of the document by the signatory in a simple way, with a degraded version of what was pronounced by the signatory.
  6. Impossibility to extract the voice recorded in high quality by the entity that applies the technology and to embed the vocal signature in other documents.
  7. Possibility of comparing the document attached voice recording (high quality voice recording  attributable to the signer)  with other Incontrovertible samples in a forensic context and in dispute resolution environments.
  8. Possibility of generating hybrid documents, in paper and electronic medium.
  9. Availability of information for signatories or their legal representatives regarding the way to provide the evidence and analyze it in a dispute resolution context.
  10. Privacy related information protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Existence of data breach detection and notification procedures to the data protection authority when personal data is affected.

As of this writing, there is one accredited voice signing platform:

Contact EADTrust if you need an assessment of your #EIDAS compliant  Voice based electronic signature platform, calling at +34 917160555

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