OASIS Business Document Exchange Technical Committee (BDX TC)

The OASIS non-profit consortium expanded in 2012 the charter for its Business Document Exchange (BDX) Technical Committee and issued a Call for Participation to all those involved in this market, both public and private sector: agencies, enterprises, solution providers, consultants and researchers. E-payment actors including financial institutions, associations and payment networks werw also invited to take part in defining an open standards framework to support the largest public e-procurement and e-invoicing initiative in the world.

Through participation in BDX, committee members have the opportunity to influence the advancement of BDX as an international standard. As a member of the BDX Committee, you ensure your requirements and use cases are taken into account. You engage with other e-procurement experts, promote demand for compliant products, and form useful alliances for successful implementation and ongoing support.

Furthermore, BDX standards can provide an open, neutral and extensible technical framework. Bringing your use cases and relevant partner relationships into the BDX process and framework can help you to connect with a broader range of partners, faster, and at lower cost.

The links below provide more information on the BDX charter and on the benefits and costs of OASIS membership, since one must be a member of OASIS in order to participate.

BDX Technical Committee

BDX TC Charter

OASIS Membership Benefits

OASIS Membership Dues

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