eIDAS: The missing standard – Mandate 460

Under the Mandate 460 a lot of new electronic signature european standards are being published, in some cases changing the identification code of previous stablished standards.

One of the aspects I think is missing is the standard definition of form signing in browsers.

Or what I would call form signing in «High penetration World Wide Avalilable Applications» (which would include Adobe Acrobat or similar applications).

Something browsers developers could include in the basic browser functionality without the need oj java extensions (which are hard to maintain among java virtual machine versions, browser types and versions and underlying  operating systems).

It is curious thar old Netscape Navigator versions included that option, but later browser droped the funtionality, and finally was even abandoned in Netscape an Mozilla.

Having a standard way to sign forms that works in the same way in all browser without additional software would be a nice addition. And this could help foster the adoption of the eIDAS Regulation.

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