Gartner names TrustWeaver a 2012 Cool Vendor in Cloud Services Brokerages

Leading technology analysts at Gartner have listed TrustWeaver as one of the world’s five cool vendors in Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB).

The yearly cool vendor reports showcase promising innovative companies in a number of e-business domains. The report on Cloud Services Brokerages is provided to enable enterprises and providers to strengthen performance in aggregating, integrating and customizing multiple cloud services beyond their own internal capabilities.

Explaining why TrustWeaver is “cool”, the Gartner report stated that “(…) TrustWeaver is a compliance aggregator (hiding the complexity of online trusted third-party and government preapproval services) and an interoperability broker among B2B service providers, enabling cross-country e-invoicing and then dealing with regulatory elements.

In addition, TrustWeaver frequently acts as a single cloud-connected compliance platform for large companies and integration brokerages across outsourced and on-premises solutions.

TrustWeaver ofers services and tools that facilitate compliance and auditability of business documents (especially electronic invoices) and processes through electronic signature-based solutions. TrustWeaver’s team monitors the latest legal developments on e-invoicing worldwide, which is a changing landscape many enterprises simply do not have the resources to follow.

TrustWeaver operates an electronic signing, time-stamping, invoice content, compliance clearing and legal storage center for e-invoices internationally for more than 40 countries worldwide. The importance of this ofering is growing, as for an increasing number of countries (especially in Europe and South America) e-invoicing is either a mandatory or a required business practice.“

Buenas noticias. Enhorabuena Christiaan

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