BackTrust in CeBIT

We at Albalia are trying to discover our international market. We are going to be at CeBIT with several appointments with potential partners. We already have been at CeBIT last year, with our own booth, in the framework of the spanish pavillion.

We now focus on our BackTrust product. A complete suite that allow to dematerialize all kind of documents, and manage electronic evidences. The core sistema manages electronic signatures and digital custody, and is suitable to deploy eGovernment solutions, and also ebanking, eHealth, eCommerce and eDocuments.

Our solutions helps manage electronic signatures (in the sense of Directive 1999/93/CE), and also digitalized signatures, biometric proofs and electronic evidences (such as certified digitization), thus allowing to eliminate paper while preserving evidential proof of the electronic registers.

Our BackTrust suite is available on zEnterprise with the name zBackTrust, and it is the only electronic signature solution in the world for IBM mainframes (both for Linux for System z, and z/OS). The solution is certified by IBM and is already deployed in customers as NovaCaixaGalicia (see page 12).

Others of our solutions are also mentioned internationally:

  • The Albalia team is very active in Social NetWorks (in Spanish):
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