BackTrust, electronic signature suite

Spanish company Abalia has developed an Electronic Signature technology (Backtrust) as a system to different needs related with digital signature and digital custody of electronic documents. The system provides signature and validation tools in XML, CMS and PDF format available in different modules separately or as a whole pack. The obtained signatures include validation and time-stamping data in every format for a long term. The company is looking for commercial and licensing agreement.

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The Electronic Signature technology suite holds the following tools:

  • Batch Signer: A desktop tool that allows to sign several electronic documents in every batch. It supports versions to sign PDF and XML files such as electronic invoices (UBL, CII and other formats).
  • API: Integration tool for electronic signatures inclusion in the applications by developers. It supports versions for
    Microsoft .NET and Java.
  • WebSigner: Component of AdES basic electronic signature for Web sites.
  • BackTrust DSS Server: Electronic signature server based on OASIS DSS webservice standard.” PKI or Public Key Infrastructure servers: Certification authority, validation and timestamping authority.

Innovative Aspects:

The innovative Electronic Signature technology includes an integration API tool for electronic signatures in third party applications. Designed for software developers and integrators to help them to complete their applications with electronic signature services, its main key features are:

  • Microsoft .NET and Java standards availability.
  • Local signatures management through different keystores access. (i.e.: windows keystore, files in PKCS#12 format, HSM devices using PKCS#11 format).
  • It generates CMS, XMLDsig, PDF and XadES signature formats.
  • It generates complete signature format (XAdES-XL) by accessing to new company’s services.
  • Full integration with the other company developments and applications. Easy connection to other VA and TSA servers.
  • The system holds a specific version for electronic signatures in billing systems based on an invocing with security
    sytem format with specific signature policies compliance (XadES-EPES or XadES-XL).

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