Companies related to electronic invoice in Spain

Read in CEN/CENELEC e-Invoice Gateway.

  1. OB10

    OB10 is a global B2B e-Invoicing network, enabling 70,000 customers in over 100 countries to exchange error free, tax compliant invoices, without the need to install any additional hardware or software. OB10 provides an e-Invoicing solution enabl…

  2. SERES – Sociedad de Explotación de Redes Electrónicas y Serv

    SERES is the company belonging to Grupo La Poste (French Post Office) and BULL,
    which specializes in solutions for secure electronic exchange of business documents
    with legal value.

    SERES was created in 1984, so she has an exper…

  3. Izenpe SA

    Set up an e-invoicing platform in the Basque Government to use the electronic
    invoices in all the transactions with the administration.

  4. Ariba Inc.

    In today’s tightening economy, cash is king. Unfortunately, labor-intensive invoicing and payment procedures and poor visibility into purchases and commitments have kept many companies from optimizing their cash flows. Ariba Invoice and Payment…

  5. Logica

    Logica is a leading international IT services company, employing 39,000 people across 36 countries. Logica Information Logistics provide services for local and cross-border e-invoicing. Logica’s e-invoice exchange service supports a multitude of c…

  6. Sterling Commerce Espana

    Detail description and contribution to e-Invoicing Sterling e-Invoice Gateway helps you adapt to the complex, ever-changing business and technical regulations associated with international electronic invoicing. It automates business processes and …

  7. Eurobits Technologies

    Eurobits Technologies is a Digital Services provider that specializes in eInvoicing services. Sistema eFactura Eurobits gives companies a single point of access to the digital invoice universe. The complete life-cycle of all invoices can be man…

  8. Albalia Interactiva, S.L

    Albalia is leading eInvoicing consulting in Spain, helping other eInvoice Platforms to adopt best practices. Albalia is Chairing the ASIMELEC eInvoice Work Group, is member of CEOE eInvoice Work Group, member of OASIS UBL SC, chairman of the UBL Securi…

En mi opinión hay más empresas dedicadas a la factura electrónica en España. ¿Dónde están?

Esta llamada de atención a las empresas españolas es para que se apunten en e-Invoice Gateway.


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