Trustworthiness of Services in the Cloud

This days we are preparing some marketing material for the Hannover CeBIT Trade Show and think about what can define our products and services in as few words as possible.

And I think we have got the right answer in this simple title: Trustworthiness of Services in the Cloud

This creates a bridge between some of the concepts in the american view of technology and those managed in european contexts, in which electronic evidences have special meaning.

I think this approach is specially true in some of our products and services. zBackTrust defines an architectural approach to Trustworthiness in Mainframe environments, managing electronic signatures in several formats and through several standard protocols. And at the same time defining Digital Custody and Metadata to characterize authentic electronic documents, which can be accessed through the electronic web reference (electronic see, electronic seat, electronic head-office).

And filling the bridge, we are now designing some of the connections between OpenID and PKI in our development “roadmap”, which will be available soon in the future.

Some of the services go through EADTrust, a certification service provider which operates “in the cloud” to supply services like timestamping or certificates validation as a Trusted Third Party. This is going to be of help in Europe, since there are more than 100 Certification Authorities, and it is not easy to get the information about where to verify issued certificates (being through CRLs or OCSP).


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